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Stainless steel wire mesh workingshop of Glory

Honest & Creditable:QC of Glory

For following and keeping of  "Honest and Creditable " and the "Great of Reputation "in home and international market, as the way to build our "Glory "brand. We Follow The "Not Short Cut For The Quality And Value "on ideology and Ideas.

Advanced machinery and equipment:
For have Weaving wire mesh Machines,Welding wire mesh Machines,Punching machines,Cut sheets machines,Circular seam-welding machine,Checking and test of wire mesh from Glory Spot Welding machines,Argon Arc welding,bending machine,And So on.The engineer use to import and high Quality reeds others manchines parts and elemets .To make sure the products smooth and beautiful mesh screen for suitable to filter industrial.
Emphasizing Scientific Technology:
Scientific technology can bring benefits and markets.So need to have Professional Technicians group And Managerial Staff, Meantime,The engineer need to learning and Research the products. For processing and made best and new products during the working . We sincerely hope to seek mutual benefit and development with each friends.

Excellent Quality and suitable offer:
For have professional engineer and Nice skilled of worker .and follow to ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate For spend to shorter delivery time of processing and made base on Excellent Quality .To win business with Excellent quality and Best products and suitable offer. The customers would like to superior products and satisfactory quote services. So need to improve our QC and QA management system ,For Cut down the Defective products rate. Reduce the base cost rate.We accept all kinds of payments term ,So Can make sure all clients items more smooth .

shipping types of GloryFast shipping ande delivery time :

For have many shipping and logistics line.To shipping to Beijing air port and tianjin sea port of hebei china.From our factory to delivery tianjin sea about 5-6 hours distance.The logistics centers have many shipping line of any area of china.So have a enough raw material supply and best delivery time from ShaiHai,jiangsu and others area. The Forklift and truck can driver and working at any time


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