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Brass Mesh

  • Phosphor Bronze  Mesh
  • Phosphor Bronze  Mesh
  • Phosphor Bronze  Mesh
Phosphor Bronze  MeshPhosphor Bronze  MeshPhosphor Bronze  Mesh

Phosphor Bronze Mesh

  • Mesh:2mesh-200mesh
  • Wire Diameters:4mm-0.025mm
  • Width:1.00M-3.00M
  • standard Length:100ft
  • Product description: Phosphor Bronze Mesh For sevice to the Seperation and Filtration kinds pellet ,grain,porcelain earth and glass, chinaware printing, filtration liquid, etc.
Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh

Material: Phosphor Bronze wire
Weaving methods: Plain weave, twill weave.

phosphor bronze wire cloth 2mesh-200mesh/inch

Width:0.914M, 1M, 1.5M.1.8m
Bronze is more abrasion resistant than brass and copper for a longer service life. This wire cloth is often used in marine environments because it is more resistant to corrosion from salt water than stainless steel.

Brass and phosphor bronze are frequently used in sieving diversified pellet, powder, porcelain clay and glass, chinaware printing, filtering liquid and gas.separation and filtration, infill panels, room dividers, jewelry, ceiling panels, etc
Phosphor bronze wire mesh is used within various niche markets such as the security paper industry (for dandy roll clothing to emboss watermarks), for cloth filters and belts, for electromagnetic interference shielding, for electrical parts of products, wind tunnels (to test airplane aerodynamics) and for house architecture.

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