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Stainless Steel Architectural Mesh

  • Stainless Steel  Fabric Screen
  • Stainless Steel  Fabric Screen
  • Stainless Steel  Fabric Screen
Stainless Steel  Fabric ScreenStainless Steel  Fabric ScreenStainless Steel  Fabric Screen

Stainless Steel Fabric Screen

  • Holes:2mm-10mm
  • Wire Diameters:0.8mm-10.0mm
  • Width:1.0M-2.5M
  • standard Length:2M
  • Product description: Stainless Steel Fabric Screen
Stainless Steel  Fabric Screen.

Generally, For used the crimped with flat wire to woven processing .it can be weaved into a variety of unique patterns. And some woven type make the woven wire mesh like architectural floor or plate.With beautiful colors, fashionable atterns, concise style, good function, our architectural woven mesh has been adopted by more and more designers and architects used as interior and exterior decoration.

Material: stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass. etc..
Surface treatment: titanizing, Brass coated, nickeling.etc.
Color: original metallic color or spray into other colors.
Wire Diameter: 0.2mm-4.00mm
Width: 1m-3m
Length: 1m-6m with standards ,Others size ,According to custom's requirment.

Application:outer and inside decoration,For service to the balcony, corridor, elevator, hotel, restaurant, office, building, grand ballroom, museum, concert halls, dining hall, exhibition halls, shopping mall, airport access, theater, etc.
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